Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev (ASATID) is an institution ensuring retraining and professional development of physicians and pharmacists in the world advanced level of scientific and technical progress and according to education standards of the country. The Institute was established on November 20, 1935 at the initiative of Commissariat of Health of the former Soviet Socialist Republic. At that time the Medical University is already existed in Azerbaijan and higher medical education system of Azerbaijan was formed on basis of experience of the former Soviet Union medical education system and was part of that system. That system intended to ensure education of doctors on several branches in existing Medical Institutes of USSR and doctors graduating that institutes needed to get post graduate education. There was a great need for post graduate education of doctors graduating that institutes and working in Azerbaijan too. Based on that need the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev was established. Along with Azeri specialists Z.M.Mamadov, M.M.Efendiyev, H.K.Aliyev and others specialists from the Russia such as V.A.Tornograskiy, P.P.Popov and others also performed at the process of establishment of the institute. The best part of history of ASIDMP is connected with Aziz Aliyev. Aziz Aliyev was a Ministry of Health of former Azerbaijan SSR, secretary of Central Committee of Communistic Party of Azerbaijan SSR, head of Dagestan CC. Took an active part in organizing the defence of the Caucasus. On 1962 our institute was named after Aziz Aliyev as a symbol of great love towards him and his labour. Different famous scientists of Azerbaijan and former USSR such as V.A.Tornograskiy, M.İ.Aliyev, B.A.Agayev, A.M.Aliyev have led the institute in different years. Mirmammad Cavad-zadeh, world-wide known scientist and urologist, real member of National Academy of Sciences, member of Russian Medical Academy, Honoured Scientist, winner of the State Prizes of Azerbaijan and the Former USSR awarded with "Glory" medal was a director of the Institute for 34 years. Establishment of the institute solved three important problems of Azerbaijan Healthcare System. They are: first- highly professional doctors gathered within the institute and in future it helped to start development of famous medical scientists of the republic. Famous and well-known doctors-scientists such as S.M.Hajıqasanov, M.X.Yaqubov, M.N.Mirsalimov, M.R.Nazirov, J.A.Babayev, Sh.S.Khalfen, S.X.Nazarli, L.N. Lemberanski, M.İ.Lurye, İ.İ.Shakov, A.D.Mustafayev, M.A.İbrahimov, S.M.Gusman, M.G.Huseynov, M.D.Kadjlayev, A.M.Nasirov etc. started their scientific activity at that period; Second- as the result of establishment of main departments of the institute in different big clinics and hospitals of Baku equal improvement of scientific and practice activity became possible and that hospitals became efficient health care centers which deliver services to people our Republic; Third – beginning from the first years of its establishment the institute develops thousands of highly qualified professional doctors for our Republic. Very important role of ASATID in healthcare sphere of Azerbaijan had been more clearly seen during the II World War. First of all the institute started to develop highly qualified professional doctors for delivering medical services in front. Scientists and doctors educated in the institute, hospitals where they worked fully met needs of front, provided treatment and rehabilitation of injured soldiers. At that time staff members of the Institute S.X.Axundova-Bagirbeyova, H.K.Aliyev and M.X.Yagubov have been awarded with Lenin order. Beginning from the end of 1950 year ASIDMP started qualification of medical personnel according to request and order of former soviet republics, as well as improved and educated doctors from foreign countries such as Bulgaria, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey and Yemen. Progress of the institute during leadership period of national leader Heydar Aliyev was more successful. At that period reconstruction works towards education and scientific research started within the institute. “Professional injury of eye” have been studied by Zarifa Aliyeva, member of NAS and honoured scientist, during 1970-1985 years for the first time in Azerbaijan. In 1980 multi-storey hotel-type dormitory have been established under ASIDMP, new scientific information and patent department, department of neurology, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, organization of the pharmacology, and economics departments were created. In 1988 surgery clinic of the institute, further genetics-immunology clinic was established. Department of Oncology in 1994, department of Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology in 1998, Ray Diagnostics and Endoscopy, Judicial Medicine and Pathology departments were created. Big medical centres of the city were determined as bases of the institute according to order of the Minister of Health. Proctology, Urgent Medical Assistance Department and Department of Family Medicine were established during 2000-2003 years. Now 28 departments perform within the institute. Scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute consists of members of Azerbaijan, Russian national Academies of Sciences, and NAS of other foreign countries, 34 doctors of sciences, 127 masters, 8 honoured scientists, 8 honoured doctors. Some of them are awarded with “Glory” and “Progress’ medals. Technical basis of the institute is strengthened, development of scientific-pedagogical staff improved, 40 doctor and 130 master thesis are defended, 70 local and foreign post-graduate students and nearly 160 residential physicians are educated during these years. Outcomes of scientific research works held in the institute and experience of educational activity let the institute to hold several international conferences, seminars and workshops. Institute informs doctors with results of modern scientific research works for ensuring their application in practical medicine. Foreign relations of the institute are strengthened last years. Institute financed education of 25 persons from pedagogical staff in foreign countries. Organization of conferences with participation of professionals from other countries became tradition of the institute. At the same time doctors from our country successfully finished improvement courses held by famous professors of Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities. Most of departments are equipped with modern technical base for effective organization of lectures and practical lessons.

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Our institute successfully provides development of national healthcare and higher medical personnel, development and improvement of qualifications of doctors for 80 years. The institute aims to increase awareness of medical education of doctors, their obtaining of new achievements of fundamental medicine and obtaining application of modern methods of diagnostics in clinical practice. These are integral attributes of developing modern medicine of the XXI century. Professor V.A.Tarnogradskiy, M.M.Efendiyev and B.A.Agayev were the first rectors of the institute. Academician Aziz Aliyev played great role for revival of our institute. The institute named after him since 1962 year according to resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers based on request of institute’s staff. Talented and highly qualified medical personnel, including M.Mammadov, M.X. Yagubov, S.M. Gusman, I.I.Lukov, S.G.Stain, N.M. Israfilova, P.P. Popov, S.İ.Velikhan, etc. was established in Azerbaijan during these years.

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